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Balcony Décor – Add Magic To The Little Extensions

Balcony Decor 

Balconies are little magical things. They are the little extensions that showcase our personality. The balcony holds a special place in our homes, may be because it connects us with the world. Balcony is a space where we can enjoy the natural surroundings with our loved ones or all by ourselves. One interesting fact about the balconies is that even being of the same size and design each person conceptualizes the balcony in a different way. 

Balcony décor helps to enhance this wonderful place where you can decompress after a long day at work, connect with your friends hanging in the adjacent balcony. Balconies beg to be decorated and used; and the balcony décor tips from HollyHock will help you convert your little space into one of your favourite places of the house.

Balcony décor should emphasize on the freshness of nature. So, while considering the balcony décor ideas you should adorn the space with the little plants and small balcony décor items.

balcony decor balcony decor balcony decor

Your balconies want to be the place where you can sip your morning coffee and wine at night, the place where you can read good books with your legs up. It encourages creativity, conversations and total relaxation. So, step in the balcony decor game with balcony decor tips from HollyHock.

Plants – The core essentials 

Plants = Life. Well if you have a green thumb then yes, they do! Plants are the most wonderful thing to add colour to a place and breathe life into it. One of the core essentials of the balcony decor is to amp up that little or large space with some plants. The Balcony decor look, where plants are the focal point, you can use plants at various levels – the creepers to climb that little grid on the wall, pots on the ground level and some plants on the balcony railings. 

balcony decor balcony decor balcony decor

Install a swing 

Swings are not just for porches, if your balcony has a secure over hang then hang a swing to the balcony and enjoy the view from a greater height. You can add to the balcony decor by just adding some bright throw pillows for comfort and colour. You can buy some bright coloured cushions from India Circus to add to your balcony decor.

balcony decor balcony decor balcony decor

India Circus

Choose Bright furniture 

While considering the balcony decor ideas opt for the bright and compact furniture which is unique. You can choose ottomans over the coffee tables and can set up a cute and comfortable seating for your balcony. You can add a bright boho ottoman from the studio opaque to add up to the bright colours to your balcony decor. They have upcycled an old tyre to create that colourful boho look for the gypsy ottoman.

Opaque studio

balcony decor balcony decor balcony decor

Use the wall space

The birds – Balcony decor ideas must also consider adding some elements to the balcony walls. Decorate those bare walls of the balcony with some wall art. The tropical bird wall art from HollyHock includes the Huckleberry tropical bird wall art and the Blue berry tropical bird wall art which are bright in colour and are modern enough to add that natural vibe to your balcony. They are the ideal picks if you want to add that pop of colour and modern vibe to your balcony.



The wall grid – Want to add that quirky vibe to your balcony? Take into consideration the metal wall grid from HollyHock to amp up your balcony decor. Clip in your favourite pictures and make your balcony a cute little cosy place to sip in coffee, wine and dine, go for a good read or listen to the warm soothing music while enjoying the surroundings. These pictures make your balconies different and add that little magic required for being considered as your most admired corner of the house

Whip out some string lights 

To set up an intimate scene in the balcony when the sun goes down, do not forget to enliven the balcony decor by throwing some string lights around the railing or on the plants. And of course, don’t ignore the staples – the warm seating, pillows, side table and a drink of your choice. 

So, these are just a few tips  for your balcony decor, you need not stick to just one style. You can mix and match the above to create your perfect haven. Now with all these ideas swirling on your head why wait? Just step out into your balcony and decorate it in the best possible way to curate a tiny magical corner for yourself. Decorate the little extensions to showcase your personality and transform into your kind of place!

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