Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

 Hello Holly Fam!

As you all know we cannot deny that Christmas is a season of giving and that additional effort shows that you care. Along with the wreath and the other things gift wrapping ideas and techniques set the tone for the holiday season. It’s all about the first impression your gift makes. Sitting under the tree the perfectly wrapped gifts add to the excitement that comes along with the holiday season.

If taken seriously gift wrapping ideas help you go above and beyond and end up being part of your Christmas décor. Yes, we encourage you to ditch the store-bought wrapping paper and use these creative giftwrapping ideas to make for that perfect gift.

The giftwrapping ideas are so pretty that your friends and family would want to invest their time in opening up the presents rather than tearing them apart. These giftwrapping ideas might just start a new Christmas tradition and build up your memories for the holiday season.

Then let’s get started and look at some of the creative giftwrapping ideas and make opening gifts all the more special.

Bottle Brush Tree

Gift wrapping ideas help you create those cute gifts. Just wrap your gift with a plain brown paper and use it as a canvas. Use a sharpie to draw to draw a car on your gift and tie a bottle brush tree to your gifts to add to the holiday cheer.

Yarn Wrapping

Yarn wrapping makes for an excellent gift wrapping idea. It is a handy material and helps us decorate the gifts in a creative way. You can wrap it multiple times and create a Christmas tree or a monogram or replicate ribbons.

Paper Animals

How about using your creative skills in one of the most amazing gift wrapping ideas? These animals greet people in the cutest way possible and are easy to make. All you need is a pair of scissors, some craft paper and little skill to draw little animals.

Natural Gift Toppers

Instead of the traditional gift bows you can use natural gift toppers like the pine cones, holly sprigs and leaves which pop against the plain brown paper. Pine cones, acorns, berries and pine clippings are all fair game, and when clustered atop a wrapped present, they add a fragrant, woodsy touch.

Crafty Snowflakes

If you are looking for unique and crafty Christmas gift wrapping ideas you can use your origami and crafting techniques to create snowflakes. These snowflakes can be added to the centre of the gift making it look all the more special.

Checkered cloth Wrapping

Gift wrapping ideas include the use of a checkered cloth which can either be used as ribbon over the gift or a wrap around or can be used to wrap the entire gift with the same cloth. In case it is wrapped entirely then this is a very sustainable gift wrapping idea too.

Chalkboard Replication

Unique gift wrapping ideas include using your talent of doodling. Doodle on the plain black paper with a white pen and replicate the chalkboard. Try adding wreaths, banners, leaves and more to make for a beautiful gift.

Jute Bag Wrapping

Small Christmas gifts can be packed in a rustic jute bag. It is a easier solution for jam jars or other round containers but can also be used to pack little Christmas ornaments and knick knacks that you wish to gift to your loved ones this Christmas.

Use Recycling

Unique gift wrapping ideas also include recycling. Old paper can be recycled to make paper bows which can be pasted on the brown plain paper and make for a great gift. So, all the origami and kirigami fans all you have to do is use your skill to create something different.

Add Ornaments

Ornaments can also be used as an element when we are looking at great gift wrapping ideas. You can coordinate your ribbon with the same colour ornaments or can mismatch the same in Christmassy colours.

Hence with these Christmas gift wrapping ideas we hope that you make for special gifts for your loved ones. These love wrapped gifts can make for a new Christmas tradition altogether where people would love to create memories for one another during the holiday season.

Until next time lots of love, joy and happiness to our Holly fam.

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