Artisanal ceramic, woven textures & indigo hues come together in this lived in look which marries rich rustic with a touch of modern



Work your way with the perfect set up for your space. Form meets function with our hardworking collections, thoughtfully designed for your at-home office.


New Decor for every style. Whether you’re drawn to modern minimalism, natural textures, folksy desert vibes, or vintage inspired boho finds, everything you need to craft your ideal space.
cane tray
Honey Hued Cane tray
Decorative Wall Mirror
Rainbow Wall Mirror
Moon Mirror
Rattan Moon Mirror
Wine Rack
Rattan Wine Rack
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We at HollyHock offer a bespoke range of tasteful Decor options for our clients. We cautiously craft every detail of the product with great care.



We at HollyHock offer a bespoke range of tasteful corporate gift options for our clients. To offer the best to you, we cautiously craft every detail of the product with great care.

HollyHock : Buy Quirky Gifts & Custom Home Décor Online For Your Home

HollyHock offers the most apt home décor solutions for your home. Exploring home décor solutions offline can be a tedious task. We at HollyHock bring to you an online store which you can explore for finding the best home décor solutions, quirky home accessories, quirky gift ideas, personalised gifting and more. Each piece of home décor is handmade with love here at HollyHock thereby making each piece unique in itself and making it a classic home décor item for your home.

Know HollyHock: HollyHock is a lifestyle retail brand inspired from Life and its elements. We at HollyHock aim to celebrate life and design home décor solutions for your home being inspired from those little joys of life. We make bright and happy home décor solutions, home accessories and gifts. Our lifestyle brand is named after the flower HollyHock which symbolises the cycle of life and rebirth inspiring us to create the best for you everyday thereby creating a timeless brand for the ages to come. With home décor and accessories from HollyHock you not only find the best home décor solutions for your house but also buy something which is unique and classic. We at HollyHock try to provide you the value for money and the best quality possible.

Home Décor online – Why Choose HollyHock We all agree that home décor has the potential to convert your home into a cozy little corner of love and laughter. Choosing home décor online has made our lives easier by providing you with all the details of the product and its specifications along with the overall look and appeal of the product. At HollyHock we design things to cater to your home décor needs by providing you the best home décor solutions at an affordable price.

HollyHock offers to you the perfect lights for your perfect homes, photo frames to capture the beautiful moments of your life, creative wall hooks which are functional, sturdy and stylish, organisers, plant holder stands, candle holders and more.

Lighting at HollyHock Lighting is a very crucial factor in changing the ambience and mood of a room so while thinking about the flow of space, ambience and atmosphere choosing the right lighting fixture can be one of the most fundamental elements to ponder upon. Lighting is one of the most essential thing while looking for home décor online. HollyHock believes that while choosing a lighting fixture we should consider some factors like the lighting fixture should be eye catching, should be good enough to purchase due to both its form and function.

At HollyHock we design lighting fixtures which use mix media, have different finishes and are quirky pieces of home décor online. HollyHock’s Copper Lotus wall Light, White Lotus wall Light and Golden Lotus wall Light are worth the buy if you are looking to amp up your home décor online.

Memories at HollyHock Photo frames to capture your memories! No matter how technologically advanced we become the physical photo has its own value in the lives of each and every person. These photographs play an important role in everyone’s life – they connect us to the past, remind us of all the awesome people who have been part of the journey, remind us of places, feeling and stories.

We at HollyHock will help you to celebrate these treasured memories with the best unique photo frames.  Photo frames at HollyHock are handmade with love and make for quirky wall décor pieces at the same time are classic home décor pieces. These unique photo frames can dress your bare walls and can make for the nice essentials of the table top décor. They are unique finds of the home décor solutions that you are looking for online. HollyHock’s Golden hanging glass photo frame, ice cream wall hanging picture clips are worth the mention if you are looking for home décor online which is both aesthetically appealing and functional.

Organise with HollyHock Being a life inspired lifestyle retail brand, we at HollyHock help you organise your home along with them acting as unique wall décor pieces. HollyHock’s creative wall hooks are inspired from life and its elements and can be a constant reminder of you loving the nature. Creative wall hooks at HollyHock are functional, sturdy and stylish. You can use these creative wall hooks to hang your essentials and other things. These are not only your best finds for home décor online but also help you organise your home.

Plan with HollyHock Your exploration for home décor online is not only limited to pieces which act as decoration items in your home. We at HollyHock aim at designing things that keep a track of your events, your daily life activities. HollyHock’s organise time monthly calendar is worth the mention here. This monthly calendar finds the perfect place above your work station.

These are just a few mentions of what HollyHock aims at. We hope that you find the best home décor solutions online here with us and you can too write to us about anything that inspires you. We at HollyHock will try to convert it into a home décor accessory just for you and your home!

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