Mindfulness and Meditation at Home

Mindfulness and Meditation at Home

Meditation – I know everyone knows about this little practice that helps to keep all of us sane. But does meditation only mean sitting in that yogic posture and focus on one particular thing?

No, in my opinion I feel that any activity that helps you rejuvenate and makes you peaceful should be counted as meditation. Today we would like to share with our hollyfam certain activities that might help you meditate at home in ways different than that traditional way of meditation.

So, here are simple ways to zest up your zen at home. You know that in all the craziness we are always with you, but no matter how you fill up your day, it is important to take out a moment and help your mind to unwind.

Simply meditate

A simple way of meditation is one of the favourite ways to relax and it is the key to a distraction free mind. Seating on that yoga mat or carpet requires some comfy clothes and well at times needs a set of scented candles by your side.

If candles are not what you crave for then a potted plant does always work to set your mood just right while you breathe in and out giving yourself a break from monotony.


Solve the jigsaw

If you like to give your meditation a little more structure then guided meditation which focusses on mind training works the best for you. You have to train your mind to think positive and believe me the positive happens. You can also think out of the box and sit in your favourite nook and solve a scenic jigsaw puzzle structuring your meditation.

The task doer

For those who simply cannot stop doing the traditional meditation may seem to be forceful. So, let’s change the mode of meditation and shift it to a focussed task doer. You can pick up small household tasks and offer you a fringe of productivity no matter how small. Organising those kitchen cabinets, tidying your vanity all adds up to a form of meditation.

Our organiser trays help you do away with all the clutter as it is said that clutter makes for a cluttered mind. So, shun it all with our accessories.

The work desk addict

Oh yes, for a workaholic their work desk is one of their favourite places and for them meditation is equivalent to keeping that place all tidy, organised and clean. Clear the clutter to help you focus. Hollyhock’s work desk additions are the perfect pick for you to clear up the mess and be focussed.

The mood setters

Do you feel tired and gloomy after a long day at work? Oh yes, you do, but the traditional meditation is not your cup of tea then just set the mood right with the glittering glow of the tea lights and brighten the day. To add a cherry on the cake you can sip some wine to relax your mind and sleep peacefully.

The overthinkers

Are you the ones who think a little too much? If yes, then this meditation practice is for you. Set your goals and prioritise your work and trust me this will help your mind to relax and will give your mind the needed clarity. All you can do is practice goal setting and place those goals and to do lists just in front of your eyes and keep finishing them as planned.

Hollyhock’s wall grids and planners are the ideal find for you where you can simply just put in your goals and give them a green signal as soon as you complete one single task. This too is counted a simple way to meditate.

Break the monotony

Do you get bored seeing the same old décor again and again? Is yes, then another way to and relax your mind is to simply change your décor and break the monotony by either changing the room setting or the room décor. Even the tiny additions to your room can give it an overall new vibe making you feel better adding to our ways of meditation.

You can either opt for hardware changes or you can opt to change the furnishings or your can also opt for some home décor style. We at hollyhock offer you some ideas that can transform your room to a farm house look or you can say a minimalist look where you can go ahead with the natural materials like rattan to be specific.

If you are opting for hardware changes then you can upgrade your cabinets, chest of drawers and night stands with changes as simple as changing the knobs and thereby transforming the entire look and feel of the room.

The readers and painters

There are certain activities that we love and doing them is another way to meditate. If you love reading sit in your favourite nook and read to enter another world of imagination. If you love to paint simply take out your colours and canvas and paint endlessly till you feel relaxed.

Having said all that we know life is busy even if you cannot do what you love just inhale and exhale and give yourself some few well earned seconds which is enough of a meditation.

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